Tinder Cindy is a funny, rollerskating-dancing-storytelling, bundle-of-dating reality.
Cindy’s in a crisis – rolling dolmades with one hand while desperately swiping right with the other. After backpacking around the world, she’s home with no money, no boyfriend – and she’s living with her Greek grandmother. But granny’s got her back: turns out ‘Yiayia’ has a thing or two to teach Cindy about dating!
Channeling a wise and witty blend of both her grandmothers, Tinder Cindy is a melting-pot
full of heart, drive, and passion – funny, thought-provoking theatre that comes alive through movement and music.
“engaging and heartfelt” Sydney Arts Guide
“Jacinda Patty’s Cindy is a 30? woman of Greek heritage who has returned from a soul-searching backpacking trip with no money and no boyfriend and the only housing prospect is living with her 80-year-old Yiayia.”
“I want the audience to look at their grandmothers like women. They’re just older but they are women.”
‘Tinder Cindy brings yiayia’s dating wisdom to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’